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GO BEYOND CLEAN - Let us Nix the germs so you can focus on business

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GermNix 360 

GermNix 360's primary focus is to eliminate germs and bacteria to minimize the chances of cross-contamination in your business. Sanitizing and disinfecting isn't just something we do, it IS what we do.

GermNix 360 - GO BEYOND CLEAN- Let us Nix the germs so you can focus on business.  We sanitize, disinfect, protect, and help facilities implement proactive workplace wellness solutions that will enhance the health and wellness of buildings and homes.

We provide all around solutions 360 degrees - We take a tailored approach for each facility, providing you with a customized service plan that meets your unique disinfecting needs and requirements. We work closely with you and our Team360 technicians to ensure we understand everything you need so we can guarantee your complete satisfaction.

For us, when it comes to our client's and facilities, we go above and beyond to provide our 360 DEGREE SERVICES GUARANTEE - Our goal and guarantee is to exceed your expectations and we achieve this by a commitment to excellence in products and service.  

We are on a mission to become your trusted partner in maintaining a healthy workplace for your team, staff, and customers.  From our emergency disinfection to routine services, you can rely on our trusted professional Team 360 for enhanced disinfection and protection services.  

GermNix 360 - Go Beyond Clean - Let us Nix the germs so you can focus on business.

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Trained & Certified Technicians

Commercial Disinfection is more than just bleach in a bucket. There are safety protocols and standards to be met in order to ensure all jobs are done properly and thoroughly for the safety of everyone entering a facility. All of our technicians are fully certified and trained to handle any environment, from hospitals to commercial facilities, restaurants, and retail businesses.  

We follow the guidelines set in place by the CDC, EPA, FDA, WHO, OSHA, and other relevant authorities. You can be assured that your technician is trained and certified to provide enhanced disinfection services.

We use EPA registered List N products that are proven effective. We not only meet, but exceed the CDC requirements for COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection and follow rigorous processes and protocols to maintain health and safety standards for you, your staff, workplace, and our Team360 technicians.  Safety is important to us.

We are continuously monitoring the most recent safety infection prevention and cleaning protocols recommended by leading experts including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and other relevant authorities. 

Our technicians use appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).  We always take your safety, security and privacy in to consideration.  

We are insured. 

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Community Mission

Your community is our community. GermNix 360 supports local businesses and our communities, the communities we work and live in.

GermNix 360 believes in giving back to the communities in which we live and work.  Giving back through donations, volunteer efforts and partnerships.  We want our communities to be safe, healthy, and continue to thrive and be prosperous. We promise to do all we can to help support and keep safe, the communities and surrounding areas where we live and work.

The COVID-19 outbreak is taking a devastating toll on the lives and communities around the world. To help those affected in our communities, we are donating disinfecting services to select nonprofits, including women's shelters, family and child crisis centers, homeless shelters, and food banks. When a client has service performed they will be able to select from a list, the nonprofit they would like to help.

We are donating a portion of each service purchased to provide disinfecting services to a nonprofit organization in each of the communities we live and work in.

GermNix 360 is expanding in to many communities and we will give back in each community we live and work in. We are working hard to disinfect and protect people, places, spaces, and all of our communities. 

Our Disinfecting Company Serves Multiple Locations

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Iowa City, Iowa

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Cedar Rapids, Iowa