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Community Giveback Program

The COVID-19 outbreak is taking a devastating toll on the lives and communities around the world. To help those affected, we are donating disinfecting services to select nonprofits, including women’s shelters, family and child crisis centers, homeless shelters, and food banks. When a client has service performed they will be able to select a nonprofit from a list they would like to help.  A percentage of each service we perform will go toward providing disinfection service to a nonprofit organization.

GermNix 360 believes in giving back to the communities in which we live and work.  We believe in giving back through donations, volunteer efforts and partnerships.  We want our communities to be safe, healthy, and continue to thrive and be prosperous.  We promise to do all we can to help support and keep safe, the communities and surrounding areas where we live and work.  GermNix 360 is expanding in to many communities and we will give back in each community we live and work in.  GermNix 360 is working hard to disinfect and protect people, places, spaces, and all of our communities. 

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